As part of the Fabric of Our Town project volunteers from the Crayford Manor House Historical Society conducted research into some of the fabric designers who trained and worked at the Swaisland factory.

Research notes created by the volunteers about two Swaisland designers George Haité and William Hubbard are available here.

Among the material the volunteers discovered were articles published in a journal named Architectural Review and published in 1897. The articles include those written about George Haité as well as about Victorian design. These articles have been reproduced here.

Research for the project also uncovered information regarding a third designer with 40 years service at Swaisland’s named Samuel Drew. The Drew family had strong family ties with designing at Swaisland's. Two of Samuel Drew’s sons also became designers at Swaisland's.

Reasearch Notes:

Research Notes on George Haite
Research Notes on William Hubbard
Research Notes on Samuel Drew

Architectural Review

Architectural Review Vol2 pp81-89
Architectural Review Vol2 pp141-146